Fruit Eaten Seed Planted

Dear Friends:

The market, the competitive consumption, and the system of production is the cause of the destructive cycles of life on mother earth – carbon, nitrogen, and evaporation-transpiration – those made Global Warming. Disasters will continue to bring more death, starvation, and sickness to everything, including the human species.

We need to resist the “capitalist system” by putting into practice the “Good Living” using clean energy to stop arms build-up.  Reforestation is a priority strategy in helping to contribute in finding a solution to the problem.

In this context, the Project Fruit Eaten Seed Planted is one strategy to reforest the world. From the beginning, this project was approved by the Minister of Education of Ecuador, policy No.0074-09, and welcomed and launched by the World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth in Cochabamba, Bolivia in April 2010.

We will build in each school, seed banks and nurseries, which will allow the potential crop of 78´632.740 million plants each year. They will be re-planted in homes, schools, parks, and erosion places to share with the community using recycled materials without any cost to the Government. Other advantages will be capturing CO2, producing emission of O2, prevent starvation, and the most important developing in children the habit of reforestation, supporting the recovery of mother’s earth harmony.

There are many causes of the environment’s extreme crisis, the deforestation, from the education, it warrants a declaration of National Priority and it will materialize through Government policies.

Respectfully, I’m requesting you from your home, work, school, university, and organization, to share this project.

The smiling of millions of children that won’t suffer from starvation and thirst will be our best reward.


Danilo Luzuriaga


Fruit Eaten Seed Planted


Students from local institutions from all over of Ecuador

2009 2010

Total Students: 3’931,637[1]

There are 3’931,637 students from middle school, and high school X 1 seed planted X 20 weeks per year = it will potentially grow 78’632.740 millions of fruit trees per year.

And if we are adding to this 12 years (6 years from middle school and 6 years from high school) it will be 943’592.880 millions of fruit trees.

No private enterprise neither government institution would plan a reforestation program so big in a short amount of time.

[1] Minister of Education of Ecuador


The Scope of Fruit Eaten Seed Planted Project

How Fruit Eaten Seed Planted Works?


Fruit Eaten Seed Planted project works in 4 steps:


1.- Building a Seed’s Bank

2.- Developing  nurseries

3.- Reforestation

4.- Sharing the fruits


1.- Building a Seed’s Bank


The mother put at the kid’s lunch box one fruit. Example: An apple.

The children eat the apple and safe the seed.

He or She goes to the Seed’s bank of his school and gives it to other kids.

The leader of the Seed’s bank takes the seed and starts to dry it then he will classify it.


2.- Developing nurseries

In collaboration with teachers and kids they have to organize a Nursery’s class where both have to crop the seeds and take care of it everyday.

3.- Reforestation

The little plants will grow up in 6 weeks (depending of the seed) then it will be ready to plant at the backyard of the school or in a place chosen by the teacher. It can be at home.

4.- Sharing the fruits

Once students can see the fruits on the trees, children will collected it, and the most important thing students will share fruits with other friends, and they will bring back to home to share with the families.

Student’s can repeat this cycle many times and they can be the leaders to share this initiative with other schools and communities.

So Why Fruit Eaten Seed Planted is different to other reforestation projects?

Because we don’t need “Money” all the things people needs to work on it are at home. One of the great things of this project is that works only through volunteer and people’s determination to safe the environment of our unique planet earth.

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