About me

My name is Danilo Luzuriaga and I am a businessman, entrepreneur and a crazy advocate to the sustainable management of resources and the protection of the natural environment through changes in public policies and individual behavior. I live in Quito, Ecuador and welcome you to my green blog.

The name of my blog is ” The Middle of the World” and it is in honor of the place where I was born, Quito, a unique city with a lot of traffic and pollution problems, but an extremely gorgeous city. This city is located 25 kilometers (16 miles)  from the original location of the middle of the world (latitude S’ OO OO’ OO. O).

Quitsato Project


It is not like I woke up last night wishing to be an ecologist or an environmentalist, being an environmentalist is not lifestyle choice. I love what I am doing for the Earth  because I feel that it is right and fair. I cannot be another spectator waiting until my final years without doing anything for the Earth. The passion that I feel for the environment has been cultivated by personal experiences through the years. I feel that people no longer have the privilege to stay sitting on the couch and watching TV without doing anything for the global warming issue. I do not understand why people say “I do not care about global warming.” Excuse me, but people do not care! That was the same excuse from the 60’s generation through the ’90’s generation and I have to say that the generation of the ’00’s will suffer the same problem if teachers do not teach anything about the environment and ecology in the middle schools.

I, being  a part of the x generation, have seen how my colleagues and some friends say the same stupid things. I am not here to change their minds, but I am here to talk to the new generation of people across the world and to share science and technology on how to fix global warming and to generate more clean energy for future generation. I believe that there needs to be radical changes in both the economic and political operations of society in order to make it sustainable. People need to change their consumption habits and the industry needs to produce things in a sustainable way.

I am here to be part of the solution. I want to learn and take actions towards the new challenges that humans and animals ara now suffering from. One of my mentors was Mr. Richard St. Barbe Baker (1889-1982), he was the world’s greatest forester. He was a visionary and outstanding man that was able to achieve the planting of trees worldwide, more than anyone else worldwide. My challenge will be deafeating Mr. Baker by planting twenty thousand trees in ten minutes with the help of twenty thousand young people. It sounds impossible, but with my passion and determination it won’t be for me.

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