This March 19,2010, we are going to discover an amazing place hiding in the Ecuadorian Jungle. This place is known as Yasuni, a national park located at North East of Ecuador. The trip is going to start in Quito flying to Coca, then taking a bus to arrive to the reserve. Interning in the jungle for 4 days, we expect to see, touch, smell, and learn as much as possible. A unique pristine jungle in the world that everybody needs to conserve and maintain for the future generations is in danger.

This adventure ecology trip pretends show you the actual situation on the Yasuni from the perspective of two young ecologists; Kevin from the U.S. and Danilo from Ecuador. Bataburo name of our lodge in the jungle has prepared an interesting voyage for four days. One interesting thing I want to see is the Huaoranis “native Indians”, I want to hear what they say in their language “Huao Terero”; also see what they think about the changes of their culture – I do not expect find the savages Huaronis who use to kill white people 40 years ago-, in fact, I would like to ask them how is the relationship with the Tagaeri community, for your information the Tagaeri and Huaroni maintain a fight state. The other thing I want to see is the king of the jungle, the “jaguar” (Panthera onca), so cross your fingers, I will be in heaven, if I can see this feline that is the third-largest feline after the tiger and the lion.

Hi Everyone,
 as Danilo described March 15th I will be on route to Ecuador to partake in the Bataburo expedition and also to kick off the celebration party for
   The Bataburo expedition is going to be an event like I have never experienced before.  A first hand look into the jungle, which is rapidly evolving  and being eliminated.  I personally know I want to view this mysterious land and all its creature first hand.  Going to see them in the Philadelphia or San Fransisco Zoos will never compare.

I am quite curious in seeing a Piranhna and types of insects which are not seen anywhere else but the Amazon region.  I’m expecting to walk away from Ecuador with life changing experiences and I will share them all as they unfold!

So if you want to join us, you have 33 days to buy an airline ticket and come to this wonderful place in Ecuador. We will try to record a video,take pictures, and even try to see if we can use an Iphone GPS in the middle of the nowhere. This trip will be fantastic if you want so send us some comments or suggestions previews this journey do not hesitate to do it, so we will update it later!!!

Bye for now,

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